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Dusty Strings Duo-Tune Tuning Key and Electronic Tuner - in One!

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Dusty Strings Duo-Tune Tuning Key and Electronic Tuner - in One!
Custom Duo-Tune Tuning Key and Electronic Tuner

With the brand new Duo-Tune from Dusty Strings you can pluck a string with one completely free hand while the combined tuning key and electronic tuner are in your other hand. The Duo-Tune picks up the vibrations through the tuning pin, displays the note on the attached LCD screen, and allows you to adjust the pin - all at once. No more juggling tuners, wires, clips and wishing you had three hands!We stock Dusty Duo-Tune comes in two different models to fit many makes of harp:

  • Custom Duo-Tune fits all Dusty Strings harps and other harps that use a square tuning pin tip with 4.5mm diameter.
  • Concert Duo-Tune fits pedal harps and lever harps made by Lyon and Healy, Salvi, Camac and Venus, as well as other harps made with square tuning pins that have a tip diameter of 5mm. Dusty Strings are currently modifying the Concert Duo-Tune. We hope to have them back in stock around May 2018.