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Pedal Harp Information

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All pedal harps utilise a system of seven pedals which are able to raise or lower the pitch of the corresponding string by a semi-tone, when controlled by the player’s feet. This allows for more fluent key changes than the lever harp and makes the pedal harp suitable for music which demands rapid key changes during a single piece, such as classical music and jazz.

Modern pedal harps fall into two main categories: full size 47 string harps with extended soundboards and harps with 46 strings or less, which generally have straight soundboards. (Hybrids do exist, such as the Vega 46, which features 46 strings and an extended soundboard.) For concert, recital and orchestral work, a 47 string, extended soundboard model is considered necessary. Otherwise, students and professional harpists who are continually on the move, may choose a 46 string, straight soundboard, for its reduced weight and size, portability and affordability.

We stock a full range of pedal harps from three-quarter sized student harps to luxury grand recital harps for professional harpists.

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