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Stringing Scales

A Stringing Scale is simply a measurement of the thickness of each string on your harp. This can help determine exactly the right string to buy in cases where the string seller is not familiar with the stringing of your particular harp.

To find the stringing scale of your harp, the easiest solution is to ask the maker to provide you with one.

If they are unable to do this, you can measure the thickness of each string yourself. You will need a micrometer, such as the  Pro-Craft Micrometer. We recommend digital micrometers as they are much easier to read.

The next stage is to make a chart, such as this one from Dusty Strings.

If you are missing a string, then average the thickness of two adjacent strings.

Alternatively, send the broken string to us at Clive Morley Harps, where we can measure and match the string for you.

Generic Stringing Scales from Bow Brand:

Bow Brand Lever and Standard Pedal Gut

Bow Brand Lever and Pedal Nylon

Bow Brand Lever Wire

Bow Brand Pedal Wire