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Changing Pedal Harp Discs

All disc sizes are different, so you need to state the harp model, the note and the position of the disk (natural or sharp) when ordering.

1. Slightly slacken the string so it is not in the way of the disk.
2. Make a note of the rough position / angle of the disk pins.
3. Unscrew small the black screw in the centre of the disk.
4. Unscrew the disk – it is threaded onto a shaft that connects to the action links.
5. Screw the new disk on as far as it will go by hand, then wind back until the pins line up with the original position.
6. Screw in the small black screw; this will lock the disk in position.
7. Try to determine if the disk is correctly regulated – if the disk is too loose, it will not pinch the string resulting in buzzing and untrue semitones – if too tight, then extra pressure is placed on the disk pins and notes may be over-sharpened.
8. You only need to rotate the disk by a few degrees to make a big difference.