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How to Re-Cover Pedals

In order to re-cover the pedals, it is necessary to remove the pedal box (the tuning key should fit the protruding nuts). If you do not have access to a vice it will be necessary to have the assistance of someone to help lie the harp down on the floor, preferably on carpet, resting on the column and to hold the harp steady while the pedals are re-covered.

Once the harp is in position as described, cut off the old felt with a razor blade and place a small wood block under each pedal in turn and follow the diagrams to the right. As you face the bottom of the harp, start the binding on the left side of the pedal arm, from underneath, then continue on to the right side and repeat. The felt should come over the top three times and be glued on the fourth. Make sure the binding is tight. Animal glue is the most satisfactory glue for this but contact glue such as Evostick will also suffice. Make sure that gluing instructions are adhered to. Cut off excess felt and shave the edge to remove the step using a razor blade.

Remove the blocks and refit the pedal box starting at one end and fitting one pedal at a time. Make sure that the bolts are tight, but do not over-tighten. If the thickness of the felts replaced are the same as the originals there should be no need to adjust or regulate the instrument. The felt should be hard wearing as soft materials compress and will alter the regulation. It is also important that the felt is cross-stitched.