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Our Warranty

As an expression of confidence in the excellence of design, materials and workmanship Clive Morley Harps Ltd. provides the following 1 Year Guarantee of excellence for Harps in the United Kingdom for domestic purposes. The Guarantee is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.Clive Morley Harps Ltd. only warrants to the purchaser named above, who fulfils the criteria mentioned in the previous paragraph that the harp with the above serial number will be of good quality material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.Clive Morley Harps Ltd. obligation under this Warranty and Guarantee is limited to repairing or replacing the harp at our workshops, if it is returned all charges paid to our workshops by the purchaser named above, provided that Clive Morley Harps Ltd. is satisfied that on examination that the harp was defective at the time of original purchase, and risk of damage or loss at all times remains with the purchaser. In such event Clive Morley Harps Ltd. will repair or at its option replace the harp, transport costs being the responsibility of the owner so that Clive Morley Harps Ltd. bears responsibility for the following.The repair work / parts cost in the event of structural failure in the first year 100% to Clive Morley Harps Ltd. This Warranty and Guarantee specifically excludes strings, finish, and seasonal movement in wood, normal maintenance such as tuning or regulation and the result of normal wear, and any harp damaged in transit or subject to improper care or handling, alteration, abuse or accident.Clive Morley Harps Ltd. shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages. Any warranties implies by law are limited to the duration of this express limited warranty.


Your new harp should be properly used, maintained and if moved transported carefully. The Warranty and Guarantee does not apply to problems caused by any of the following:1) Improper installation, maintenance or repair.2) Abnormal use, neglect, abuse, modification or accidental damage.3) Exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity.4) Your Harp should be regularly serviced by an approved Company / Technician whom we would recommend at least at 3 yearly intervals.


1) So as not to lose the benefit of this Warranty and Guarantee owners should notify Clive Morley Harps Ltd. immediately of any alleged fault with a detailed explanation of the problem.
2) Bring the Harp to Clive Morley Harps Ltd. workshops for necessary service under terms of this Guarantee.
3) Note that due to the specialised nature of Harps there is a learning curve in acquiring the skills to care for your own harp and you may occasionally be required to make minor adjustments to the mechanism.


Clive Morley Harps Ltd. agrees to give the original purchaser a free warranty check up and regulation if the harp within in one year of its original purchase is brought to and collected from our workshops. To avoid delay an appointment is needed.