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Lever Harp Information

Lever – Folk – Small – Celtic Harp – Clarsach

Ranging from small lap harps of 20 strings to large, floor standing harps of 38 strings, this group has one element in common: semi-tones are provided by a lever mechanism on each string. This is more limited than the capabilities of a modern pedal harp, but is more than adequate for folk music and – with moderate lever changing ability – some forms of classical and popular music will be playable too.

Most student harpists will start on a lever harp, even if they intend to go on to the pedal harp. 34 strings are the most popular models for educational use, as they have sufficient compass to play a wide range of music (including exam pieces), yet still remain portable. In the past, some teachers have insisted on gut strings – however, with the advances in nylon string technology, this is no longer necessary and you are free to choose the harp with the sound and touch that feels right for you.

Of course, some lever harp enthusiasts have no intention of moving on to a pedal harp. For them, the lever harp is a fully fledged instrument in its own right: equally at home playing folk music, accompanying singing and as the harp of choice for Harp Therapy.

Clive Morley Harps stock an extensive range of lever harps from Aoyama, Dusty Strings, Elysian, Triplett, Noteworthy and Heartland Harps, covering all needs from students’ to professionals’. All our lever harps come with a full set of sharping levers.

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